lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Final blog.-

All people make use of reasoning, which makes them conscious of what they do. To be aware, people know what is good and what is wrong. Therefore, always it is makes necessary a self evaluation, because it will show me my weaknesses to help overcome and improve them. My essay is about a self evaluation of my academic year (2009). Therefore, I will talk about my second year in the psychology’s career, I will describe my academic performance, the relation with my classmates, the reason of my taste for studying psychology and the importance that the career has for me.

This year was my second year in the University. It was very special for me as last year. Nevertheless, in my first year of university, everything was new for me. On the other hand, this year knew to my classmates and the system of the University. This helped me to facilitate the obstacles that were arising in the University.

My self evaluation about my academic performance is good, because both 2008 and 2009 I got high marks. This allowed me to be exempted from all subjects. The high marks are due to the great effort I put into understanding and learning the subjects, because I am aware of how useful it will be for my future work.

About the relation with my classmates, I think that this is becoming more mature because, now, not all are friends of all as last year, where we all wanted to be liked. Instead, this year has strengthened ties with certain people, standing out as being true and sincere.

Now, it is necessary to speak of the importance I give to study psychology. I think that the essential for the future is the issue of a degree, because it implies an economic base that will be of great help for my independence and my family. For this reason, I make an effort to get high marks, because I want to be the best psychologist. All the above would be part of my strengths about my academic year. Nevertheless, my weakness in this academic year would be the inability to control my nervousness, which caused that I often fell stressed. Besides, I feel that I haven’t tolerance to failure, because I always want to be the best. This often disadvantaged me.

To conclude, I would consider my academic year in general: Indeed, we live good and bad times. For this reason, we must learn to harness not only the good periods, but also learn from the bad. Learning these will help us grow and become better people.

Finally, we see that it is always necessary a self evaluation, because it is the only way to learn about our strengths and weaknesses, and overcome them. This is necessary to avoid making the same mistakes forever.

In this way, I realize that I need much to learn about myself and the situations, in short, life in general.

jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

My opinion about presidencial election.-

Presidential election approached and everything revolves around this. Really, I don’t like the politic, because this is boring.

I don’t like very much the candidates for president, because I would have liked to continue the mandate Michelle Bachellet . For my opinion, Michelle is the best presidente of all time. She has benefited women, especially to housewives of our country. I like her!.

My favorite candidate is Jorge Arrate, because he is a men with experience, he knows what he speaks, is known to have expertise in the topic. Therefore, Arrate could have a mandate without problems. Instead, I wouldn’t like to be president Sebastian Piñera, Eduardo Frei nor Marco Enríquez Ominami. I think that they are not prepared for this senior position.

I like the Arrate’s program, because he wants to fight against discrimination and democratize the power. This proposal is very interesting. Nevertheless I don’t remember the programs of the other candidates, but when one day I saw I didn’t like them.

Unfortunately I have to say that I managed to register to vote.

As I said, I don’t like the politic, therefore, I would’t like participate in politics in the future, because I am unable to take charge of the whole country, and I find that sometimes the politic is not transparent. But if I was forced, I'd take care of all discrimination, and I will make more benefits for women and for persons unemployed.

I hope that Jorge Arrate win elections, but I see it difficult.

lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2009

"True Blood".-

Vampire stories are in vogue today. Movies, books, vampire series has caused a stir in people, because before these stories were rarely seen by his lack of credibility, however, has recently become to believe in these stories because they are made so deep and try to cover situations of daily life.

This new said that the TV series of vampires called “True Blood” is now enthralling British viewers. This is the reason that viewers have not stopped commenting on this series. This story is about a small town in southern America, where the vampires begin to live with regular humans. In this series there is a wide range of diverse characters. Not only this series is a vampire story, murder and bloodshed, but it mixes a high degree of sexual component.

As I said, this article mentions the degree of depth that has this series, like the film has caused uproar in the world, called Twilight. This degree of depth gives a high credibility to the stories of vampires, because the depth makes these series, movies and stories seem real. Not only the actual depth delivery credibility to the stories of vampires, also the mockery that is made to the situations of daily life makes these stories resembles the real.

The news said that this series is really brilliant, as it has caused a great success in the U.S., where it has won a Golden Globe and an Emmy. I chose this story because I was impressed by the uproar caused by vampires today and also because I love these stories of vampires. These stories are questioning aspects of life, as well as, return to childhood.

sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009

About Cuba.-


There are so many countries that I want to know meet, but if I have to choose one, I would like to visit the country “Cuba”. Since a long time, one of my dreams is to know that island meet that island is one of my dreams. I’m interested in Cuba because I think that it is attractive in different aspects. Cuba is a country with history, and it has interesting place to visit, like the wall with “el che”.Also, the island has beautiful and fantastic beaches. The photos that I saw of Cuba show an incredible view. Cuba is a tropical place, there is situated on the Caribbean islands. I really love the sun, the sea, and the summer, so the weather of it is perfect for me.If some day I have the possibility to go there, I would like to visit the Habana. And I would like to stay there as long as possible, at least a month.I think that Cuba is changing very much the last time, and that have relation with politic. I would like to visit Cuba before Fidel dies, because I think that when that happens, everything is going to change. I want to know the culture of the island how is today.For now, I think that meet to know Cuba is only a dream for me, because it is a very expensive travel and I don’t have the money.

My opinion:

I agree with my classmate, because I think that Cuba is an incredible island. The beaches and places are wonderful.
The specialty of this country is the tourism for me, despite this is relatively new. Like my classmate, the culture is very interesting for me, because this culture is very different as others. Cuba is notable for its beautiful and entertaining music. The traditional types of music are Son y Guaguancó. Also, I like very much the Cuba’s literature.
I agree with my classmate when she said that Cuba is a country with history. For this reason, this country is very interesting.
My best friend travelled to Cub the last summer and she told me that the Cuba’s beaches have a beautiful view and the water is warm.
Unlike my colleague, I am not interested in politics in Cuba, so I would not mind if I know Cuba after Fidel dies.

Also, I agree with Constanza when she said that the travel to Cuba is very expensive, therefore, I couldn’t know Cuba closely. However, when I work and have money will travel to Cuba.

For now the trip to Cuba is a dream, and for this reason, I will admire the culture, music, crafts, beaches, places of Cuba. This is because this city is unlike any other.

For conclude, I can say that we feel like with my friend from Cuba. However, this is not surprising, because Cuba for all people is wonderful. I love Cuba!
That’s all!.

jueves, 15 de octubre de 2009

My faculty.-

My faculty is the social science; I feel that this faculty has benefits and difficulties in their procedures.

All students want different things, such as: To change to other career, bounce subjects, resolve problems that they have in terms of notes, and also, to resolve difficulties in terms of money, etc. Nevertheless the faculty instead of helping, the process slows, because the faculty is very burocratic in terms of requirements and demands from students.

Also, I think that the faculty is disorganized because the faculty never fulfills the dates agreed to deliver applications for teachers and students. Also the faculty is very disorganized in terms of academicians, for example this disorganization is seen in the calendar of tests, because it has weeks with very much rest and others that it is not possible to sleep of so many things that to do.

I thing that the faculty of social science must improve in many aspects, such as; The faculty must be more simple in the demands of students, because We don`t have many time for to do all faculty requesting to implement a process that could be solved in only five minutes.

Also the faculty must be clearer in the times that it has, because the faculty ask things at a given time to students, but it doesn’t fulfill the demand’s students. These are the first steps to continuing in order that our faculty should be every better day.

But, not all is bad, I think that the student movement is good, organized, fighters and it has the aims clear. I might say that this movement is necessary for the communication inside the faculty.

I think that if these aspects improve, the faculty could be the best institution so much for students as teachers.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009


Now, I will talk about the place that I would like to know.

I would like to go to Europe, especially France because I think that it is a very romantic place and the buildings are amazing. My parents went to France the last summer; they told me about me the wonderful thing that is this place. Always I have wanted to know France, but now furthermore for what they told me. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t like to go alone; I would like to go with my boyfriend.

I want to go there, because I love it! Besides, I think that the architecture is wonderful and unique. This type of architecture is not seen in Chile. The best French architecture is” The Eiffel Tower”, because I think that this tower is an icon of this country.

Besides, I would like to learn the language. It is one of my dreams. I like the language because it has a very delicate and nice tone.

Finally, I would like to do many things there, such as: to meet people, go out to parties, restaurants, and know the beautiful architecture of France.

I hope that this wonderful and beautiful dream, I can become true.

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Graphs about Life satisfaction and Sources of stress.

I chose this graphs because the topics about life satisfaction and sources of stress are very interesant. I think that this types of conversation about this topics are very common in the daily life.

I think that is very important to have a life satisfaction because this carries to the happiness and satisfaction as person.

The graph about life satisfaction show us that the major satisfaction (with a ninety percent) is the family relationships. I think that it is a good response because in the life the priority in all moment is the family and the relations with the people. The percent that continue are major ocupations (with a sixty three percent) and health ( with a fifty eight percent). And finally, the financial security with a twenty nine percent. It is very important to stand out the last topic because The financial security in the life of people caused very concerns, because people feel with a big pressure about economics matters.

This can relate with the second graph about the sources of stress because this graph show us that the major source of stress is the financial security with a thirty six percent. This percent is very similar with the topic of death and illness with a thirty four percent. Personally, I think that the major source of stress must be the death and illness because I worry more family thing that the economic matters.

It is necessary to stand out that the topic about children’s future have only six percent. I think that this topic must have more percent because it is a really a source of stress. For my opinion the future about our childrens is very important. In my case I will like to give the best education to my childrens and it is a big source of stress.

Well, I think that this topics of graphs are important, because they do that the people have more conscience of them.