lunes, 23 de noviembre de 2009

Final blog.-

All people make use of reasoning, which makes them conscious of what they do. To be aware, people know what is good and what is wrong. Therefore, always it is makes necessary a self evaluation, because it will show me my weaknesses to help overcome and improve them. My essay is about a self evaluation of my academic year (2009). Therefore, I will talk about my second year in the psychology’s career, I will describe my academic performance, the relation with my classmates, the reason of my taste for studying psychology and the importance that the career has for me.

This year was my second year in the University. It was very special for me as last year. Nevertheless, in my first year of university, everything was new for me. On the other hand, this year knew to my classmates and the system of the University. This helped me to facilitate the obstacles that were arising in the University.

My self evaluation about my academic performance is good, because both 2008 and 2009 I got high marks. This allowed me to be exempted from all subjects. The high marks are due to the great effort I put into understanding and learning the subjects, because I am aware of how useful it will be for my future work.

About the relation with my classmates, I think that this is becoming more mature because, now, not all are friends of all as last year, where we all wanted to be liked. Instead, this year has strengthened ties with certain people, standing out as being true and sincere.

Now, it is necessary to speak of the importance I give to study psychology. I think that the essential for the future is the issue of a degree, because it implies an economic base that will be of great help for my independence and my family. For this reason, I make an effort to get high marks, because I want to be the best psychologist. All the above would be part of my strengths about my academic year. Nevertheless, my weakness in this academic year would be the inability to control my nervousness, which caused that I often fell stressed. Besides, I feel that I haven’t tolerance to failure, because I always want to be the best. This often disadvantaged me.

To conclude, I would consider my academic year in general: Indeed, we live good and bad times. For this reason, we must learn to harness not only the good periods, but also learn from the bad. Learning these will help us grow and become better people.

Finally, we see that it is always necessary a self evaluation, because it is the only way to learn about our strengths and weaknesses, and overcome them. This is necessary to avoid making the same mistakes forever.

In this way, I realize that I need much to learn about myself and the situations, in short, life in general.

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